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Shop the Look

"Shop the Look" Package

Send us over an image of a space along with a few rough dimensions of your area that you would like us to recreate for you! We will reach out via email or phone after your purchase. Please allow 3 to 5 business days.
Michelle will send back a Mood Board and/or Photoshopped Image along with direct links to shop those exact products or similar products on your own time and budget! During that time, you can set up a video chat directly with Michelle so that she can explain her design as well as offer any explanations for the products selected.

Available product links and designs may be shared via website/ social media. Client information will never be disclosed.
Revisions may be additional cost. One room is considered a space with a specific purpose. Multiple rooms may be purchased separately. Some links may be Affiliate Links.

Bathroom and Kitchen DIY Packages available!