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New Construction per Square Foot

$4.50 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

Building a new home?! Not sure if you want to work with a designer? We promise, you do! Building a new home is extremely detailed and time consuming.
You will essentially be your own designer if you do not hire one. Most think it would be more expensive however, this is incorrect. Designers can help create plans and material lists to protect yourself from very costly mistakes. PAC Interiors will create a notebook and/or packets for your builder and the sub-contractors to ensure minimal mistakes occur because let's face it, mistakes will happen!
Wondering how much it costs to hire a designer? It does depend on the caliber of your home. We charge anywhere from $3 to $6 a square foot to ensure your new home will be exactly what you're dreaming of. Communication is key during new construction home building.
Let us help you create your dream home!
Contact us today! When building a new home, it's never too early to bring in your designer!